As a working Mom of a couple of teenagers, Liv & B (my kids), I know how challenging it can be to find time for You.  Have you forgotten what it’s like to live and be inspired, or to simply day dream?  Imagine a day at the spa, or perhaps a hot coffee on a warm spring day at your local Starbucks.  How do you unwind and find balance in your day?  My break comes when I get to design and create jewelry with you in mind. Our mission at Liv & B is to create inspired designs that make you feel a deep and very real sense of satisfaction, comfort, happiness, and empowerment. 

Liv & B was born from a powerful idea and is deeply rooted in family.  I hale from a lineage of creative, strong, and selfless women and dedicated mothers.  My mother and mentor in life, was a stained glass artist, florist, baker, and talented seamstress.  She inspired me to embrace and believe that imperfections are the gateway between humanity and art.  As a trained classical Homeopath I was taught that every person is an individual, and that being imperfect is natural and beautiful.   Liv & B jewelry designs are handcrafted with this same holistic vision in mind.  No two gemstones are the same, allowing you to find that timeless piece that speaks to only you.  Gemstones boost self-empowerment, repel negative energy, and can even help to heal a broken heart.  So go ahead, spoil yourself; Liv & B empowered, relaxed, happy, confident, spiritual, and loved.  You are a hardworking, selfless woman who deserves to have it all. 

Who and what do you want to Liv & B?  Classic, traditional, trendy or timeless? Contact me today to hear about our inspired designs and Liv & B product lines.  Find us on Facebook, and Instagram. Lets connect and create beautiful pieces together.  

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