Cinco Wrap Black and grey pearl

Cinco Wrap Black and grey pearl

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This supple black leather is gorgeous on with stunning grey pearls. The pearls are all hand wrapped in sterling silver wire. This is made for a LARGE Wrist.

Do you ever have days wear you just want to tap into your inner badass? A badass is someone who is true to themselves and doesn’t waiver and doesn’t try to be fake to impress others. A true badass, never gives up, knows their limits, fights for the underdog, and shows kindness to all. It’s not about being mean or tough, just being able to speak up and stand up for others when needed.

The leather that is used is carefully selected for quality and its slight imperfections. 

This luxurious leather has been hand cut and it is so soft and very supple. As you wear it you will feel the leather mold to your skin. It feels so luxurious and you be the talk of the town. The gemstones are all hand wire wrapped with sterling wire or gold fill, and a signature logo is added near the snap closure.

Liv & B Fierce.