Find your way Bracelet

Find your way with this unique one of a kind bracelet. The coordinates are a perfect personal meaning to you. They could be where you were born, proposed to, your wedding location etc...the sky is the limit! Customize this piece to your happiness. The aged copper is all hand stamped, due to this technique there will be tiny perfect imperfections. This is a unisex piece.

This bracelet is where your inner diva badass lives. A badass is someone who is true to themselves, doesn't waiver and doesn't try to be fake to impress others. She, never gives up, knows there limits, fights for the underdog, and shows kindness to all. It's not about being mean or tough, just being able to speak up and stand up for others when needed. Feel tough, strong and confident in this collection. 


The leather is all hand cut, ethically sourced and created in my studio in Colorado.

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