Transformation Necklace

She is ever changing, strong and willing to look to the future with excitement and ferver. It’s a personal goal to always evolve. Even when she hits adversity, she looks at it head on, tackles it and conquers it.

Transformation is an amazing event in one’s life, a personal journey with what challenges you, and what fuels you to succeed on your path to change. The dandelion does just that. The dandelion signifies change in one’s life, with the ability to transform and grow when faced with a challenge or new beginning. The spore of a dying dandelion flies off in the wind, and adapts to any new situation. Once again living and transforming into to something beautiful again. Believe in your own goals and use the “transformation” Necklace to help remind you of just that. The Sterling silver dandelion necklace will be on a 16 inch chain.

Liv & B transformed.


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