Customer Love

"Angela's passion shows in her work. She invests a lot of time, thought and creativity into her pieces making sure her designs remain stylish yet timeless. The ones I own I can wear either dressed up or casual. The quality and versatility in her jewelry makes it so that you can wear them time and time again. Totally worth it if you want jewelry that you know you'll use over and over withstanding the fads and trends that come and go. True Classics." - Sharon Lewis

"I received a beautiful and uniquely designed necklace from my in-laws on Mother's Day which I can wear with jeans or a cocktail dress." - Elizabeth Matson

"Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! I absolutely Love the beautiful designs of her earrings, necklaces, and hand bags.... The uniqueness and creativity, of her art work is contagious!!! I wear my jewelry every day and people have ALWAYS come up to me and ask, where did you buy that!” - Lisa Sarkissian 

"My GO TO for gorgeous personal gifts for anyone on my list. Angela is beyond talented and has a refinement to her work that you CAN NOT FIND for jewelry at this price point. She is the first person I recommend when people are looking for different, personal, well made gifts. I have given Liv & B in many occasions and each person has told me that their Liv & B has become a favorite piece. Love the owner, love the company, love the product." -Lara Marie

"I have had Angela make 4 custom pieces for me and each one was absolutely beautiful. She puts care and love into the design of each piece and they have become unique gifts for my loved ones. Her work is beautiful and she goes above and beyond to be sure that each piece is exactly what I want." - Amy Kamiyama

"I love the uniqueness and daintiness of Liv&B. I wear it almost every day and always get compliments. The jewelry is one of a kind!" - Shannon Oshman

"I sit here ready to type with hundreds of adjectives floating through my head: inventive, classic, natural, edgy, divine, sparkly, fun. Angela is a uniquely talented artist that creates jewelry for every woman for every event: an Art gala or a nice romantic dinner on the beach. Gold bar necklaces, messy beads jumbled to perfection, pearls hanging on golden needles. Did I mention she is a hoot? They are amaaazzzzing!" - Rhonda Kuykendall

"A couple of years ago, Angela gave me a pair of Madeline Earrings for my birthday. They ended up to be my favorite pair. They are so classy and look great with jeans or a black dress. I literally wore them everyday. Unfortunately I lost one and was so bummed, and am so happy to be replacing them today with Angela's amazing special offer! I can't wait to have this pair back. Angela, you are so talented and will be my go to for Christmas shopping this year!" -Kristen Ehrlich

"Love my ring!! The design meet all my expectations! In addition, it has been made and delivered amazingly promptly. Thank you very much, Angela! I wish I could order more items :)" - Larissa fedarava

"You will love the feel of this incredibly creative, artistically crafted jewelry, and it will also make you feel beautiful. The delicate yet distinctive designs are glamorous and mystical. When you take time to read the website, you will also be impressed with the poetic descriptions of the meaning that each piece reflects. Angela's unique adornments are also incredibly memorable gifts." - Marie Dybala

"Beautiful unique and custom jewelry. Angela crafts my personal pieces celebrating my milestone races. They are priceless. She is a talented artisan." - Christy Davis 

"Angela is an amazing jewelry designer. She made a custom piece for me to commemorate a special marathon that I ran that is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!! I love how she sat down with me to design the piece and 48 hours later I have my beautiful necklace to start wearing." - Sharon Howell

"Absolutely stunning jewelry. One of a kind, unique pieces everyone should own some of Liv and B's collections." - Jenna Pitre

"Liv & B Designs has made multiple pieces of jewelry for me. From personalized gifts for friends and family to meaningful pieces for myself. Everything Angela makes is filled with love and creativity. This will definitely be a shop I will buy from again and again!!" - Stacey Nelson

"Love my beautiful Liv&B Designs earrings and necklace. I get so many compliments on them! Can't wait to add more to my collection!" - Lisa Crocco

"Angela helped me to make necklaces for me and my friend! We both love them very much! Thanks Angela!" - Anh Ngo

"I recently purchased a gorgeous necklace to symbolize my two children from Liv&B. The necklace is unique, well made, and arrived quickly. It's absolutely stunning and I adore it! I'll definitely be ordering more jewelry from this designer very soon!" - Erika Jones

"I just ordered the Madeline floating pearl earrings and I love them! They are so versatile and go with many outfits. They are high quality because I know that Angela does fine work." - Cynthia Martin

"Unique, well made, beautiful jewelry. I love Angela's work!" - Jill Rathke

"BEST WALLET EVER! My wife surprised me with the liv & b Men’s Wallet for our anniversary and it truly was the perfect gift. I had been on a mission for a minimalist wallet for about a year, but I never found one that fit things just right – UNTIL NOW. This one is perfect. Admittedly, there was the debate over whether I really needed all the stuff I had in my wallet and I agreed to let some things go, but this wallet holds everything else. I have 10 cards in the wallet right now plus a couple of actually currency bills and things fit fine – I can get to everything and nothing is flying out. Now that it has been worked in a little, I am pretty sure I could fit another couple of cards if I really needed to. Seriously, best wallet ever!!! And, there is an added advantage that I never thought I would use, but within a week I had. I carry this wallet in my back pocket, but it fits smoothly in my front pocket. (In fact, I think that is the way most of these smaller wallets are designed to be carried, but I guess I am old school about that.) I was on a business trip to DC and when ridding the Metro at rush hour I slipped the wallet in front pocket without any issues and honestly felt much more secure. It you are looking for a perfect gift – or just have an OCD husband like my wife puts up with – this is the perfect gift. Don’t think twice, just order it. No, I am not a paid spokesperson, but I do seriously love this wallet" - Rob Foster

"This beautiful, dainty gemstone bracelet makes a statement with its elegance. The glass cut stones shimmer and shine in like a tiny string of iridescent fairy lights!" - Barbie Holmes

"I wanted to share a story about how I found “Liv&B”. I found a beautiful necklace in a boutique and looked up the name on line. Much to my surprise, the creator and owner responded to my email herself!! We became instant friends and I have many pieces of her handmade jewelry. I also have 2 of her lovely leather bags. Seems like I can’t get enough.. ha. I love what she stands for and all her creativity has a treasured meaning behind what she designs!! Thank you dear friend for all of your beautiful creations!!" - Kathy Melchior