Make time for Self-Love in 2020 Liv & B

Make time for Self-Love in 2020

January marks the month of new beginnings and resolutions.  Often times our best laid plans may last a month or two before we start gravitating back to our old ways.  So why not resolve this January to initiate a new year of permanent and positive change, and self-love.  Change that is not subject to renewal every January but real change to transcend the years.  Little reminders along the way can help us to maintain self-awareness and keep us on track emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  By staying the course and maintaining good habits we build mental strength and fortitude; we empower ourselves to endure from month to month, year to year, over the course of a lifetime no matter how many years we might have. 


We live in a world where there is so much judgment and pressure to be a certain way, have certain views and even dress a certain way, just to fit in.  As women, we should not be afraid to have a voice and live the life that we desire. No judgements.  Because you have learned and lived the truth, permission and approval come from YOU alone. Our mission is to empower women to love and accept themselves just as they are.


Join our journey and reconnect with yourself this year by creating positive, permanent change this month.  Building good habits starts with setting small goals.  Little achievements along the way that we correlate with happiness.  We have a saying in our house “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”  Don’t be afraid of failure just simply set the milestones and then knock them down one by one. Make sure you treat yourself along the way. Go get that latte, pedicure or even a new shirt. Don’t forget about you and the success from achieving your goals. Make 2020 your year to start a chain reaction of goal conquering and happiness that will generate reliable dividends month after month, year after year. 

We sent around an email on the first of the year suggesting that you come up with a “Word of the Year”.  We highlighted several important reasons for choosing a Word of the Year but in a nutshell, it really boils down to a simple daily reminder to help keep you on track throughout the year.  We offered to imprint your Word on our pure silver tag so you could hang it on your key chain as a solid, constant reminder or feel it in your fingers to set daily intentions.  Imagine those sweet words – your words – stacking up on little polished coins year after year, enduring reminders of your timeless beauty and commitment to permanent change.Just like when you collect those medals after running a race, be proud of them and remember that you are amazing.    

 Evolve every year to the person you are truly meant to be.


Resolve this January to initiate a new year of permanent and positive change, and self-love.  “Liv and B” YOU, the instrument of change for a lifetime. 

I found this lovely quote on Pinterest and I wanted to share this: