Here's to a new year and new mindset! Liv & B

Here's to a new year and new mindset!

Ok, so the new year is almost here and you have probably already started thinking about your health (while the same time enjoying another holiday treat!) ♥️ Well what if there was an easy, affordable plan that will give you more energy, help you feel amazing and lets you eat good food and discourages being hungry? I figured that might sound intriguing. Well me friend, I am here to help you! The thing that I coach people through is a detox, called "30 Days to Healthy Living.” The 5 main components of the program are to eat clean, increase nutritional intake & absorption, balance your blood sugar, eliminate acidic, addictive & allergenic foods and support your elimination organs. It truly gets you healthy from the inside out so your body can more efficiently process nutrients!♥️ 🤗 Its not a 30 day “diet”. Its about progress, not perfection. It’s just a way to help you start recognizing what food and habits that don’t serve you well and get you on track for a healthier lifestyle 🌱💃 It’s all vegan based (yes you can eat meat... keep reading;), soy/gluten/dairy free with no fillers or artificial colors or sweeteners🌿🌱🌳!! With it comes a 30 day supply of shake mix (vanilla & chocolate- 60 meals worth), detox tea, 60 energy fizz drinks (Pomegranate, citrus🍋) digestion plus (that’s your pre/probiotic and digestive enzymes, fiber, and a 7 day body cleanse! Basically you replace 1-2 meals a day with shakes and have one clean meal and snacks (if you need them) like rice cakes, avocado, raw nuts, almond/ cashew or sunflower seed butter, veggies, hummus, lean/ organic turkey slices or hardboiled eggs, berries, & green apples or yummy “protein balls”. You would also be added to a detox fb support group with recipes, guides & tons of advice and you have me as your personal coach👍🏼👍🏼!! There are fabulous savings right now (40-50% discount, free shipping and more free gifts as well- including more free gifts if you and a friend want to do this together (friends don’t let friends detox alone 😉).
I am here to help you get on track and get the best savings. @Kari.husband on instagram, Karine Swafford Husband on fb or
Cheers to making 2019 your healthiest year yet!
Pure. Safe. Beneficial 💚