Its all about our Skin Liv & B

Its all about our Skin

Every once in awhile I love to do a spotlight on a woman who is busting her ass and making things happen! I would love for you to meet this amazing woman Karine Husband! A mother of 4 beautiful girls, dedicated wife and budding entrepreneur. She loves to see people happy, beautiful and healthy on the inside as well the outside. She is an independent consultant for Arbonne. I have gone through the 30 day clean eating program with her and her coaching is empowering and outstanding. (She helped me muster through the program listening to all my gripes!) She deserves  medal! Anyways, I survived because of her and lost 4 lbs. Nough'said.

Here is a blog post with Karine!

Let’s talk about skin baby! It is literally one of the first things people see on you and quite often the last thing that we think about. Or maybe you do actually remember to wash your face and sometimes think to moisturize or even just throw on some coconut oil. Isn’t that enough? Well yes, if you are 5 years old. But lets face it ladies (and gents!) We aren’t getting any younger and the best time to take care of your skin is now!


Ok, in order to understand why we must take care of our skin (and I am not just talking faces here), we must first understand what the 2 main functions of our skin are (keep reading- I promise to be really brief and not geek out on you!)

  1. Skin Is our largest detoxifying organ- it helps us excrete toxins that are in our environment (ie. From the air we breath, the water we bathe in) and what we put on our skin directly.
  2. The skin allows us absorb moisture.


Does it matter what we put on our skin as long as we put something on it? Yes- let me repeat that YES, YES, YES!


What we put on our skin absorbs into our body (bloodstream and our organs) within 26 seconds or less. So if you are eating organic and exercising and still putting toxins on your skin, you might want to re-think that! I don’t care what promises a certain brand makes - I really don’t want products that damage cells, alter hormones, trigger my immune system, or mess with my digestive organs (yes- just with what you put on your skin!) But, I also don’t want to use products because they are safe but do nothing. Results people. I need results!


I could literally list over a thousand toxic chemicals here (and if I wanted to be as strict as the European Union, I could list 1373 chemicals that have been banned. Just for fun, guess how many have been banned in the US? Only 8 (and 3 additional have been restricted). If you think that you are protected, sadly my friend, think again.


Here are just a few toxins you should avoid like the plague … please google away!

  1. Mineral Oil (by-product of process of turning crude oil into   

      gasoline).  Its a xenoestrogen - so it mimics estrogen

      levels in your body which leads to estrogen dominance.

  1. Animal bi-products (just do your due diligence and google “Rendering Factory”. I am not vegan but you better believe my skincare/ cosmetics are! Spoiler alert- dead, sick animals or euthanized puppies don’t belong on your face!
  2. Formaldehyde
  3. Phthalates
  4. Triclosan
  5. Parabens
  6. Synthetic Colors/ Fragrance
  7. Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
  8. Lead
  9. Sunscreen Chemicals          


So now what? Considering the thousands of choices you have everyday, what are you supposed to do? Buy the most expensive products you can because that will keep you safe (sorry- not the case). Only buy from “health food stores”. Nope, not necessarily safe either. Only use ingredients from your kitchen (good luck with actually boosting your collagen or preventing/ minimizing wrinkles with that.)


This was not meant to scare you or leave you feeling helpless. This was about empowering you with knowledge because when you know better, you do better. So what now? How about trying a line from a company that is exactly what you are looking for…. even more strict than the European Union. Gluten free, vegan, no toxins, kosher, non-gmo that also gives a 45 day money back guarantee? Pure, safe and beneficial (meaning not only do the ingredients work synergistically to benefit your body, but they actually work and do what they say they will!) Enter Arbonne.


This is getting lengthy, so I will leave you with my recs…. Do your due diligence and see for yourself what is in your skincare (not just yours, but your family as well! Turns out I was putting formaldehyde on my kids for years. How’s that for mom guilt?) Just check out this link. Take advantage of saving options. The RE9 anti aging line has transformed my skin from dull and lifeless to smooth and radiant. I truly believe in this company & the products and I am stepping outside of my comfort zone to help not only my family use the purest, safest and most beneficial products possible, but as many people as I can. Thank you so much for having an open mind and for just taking a peak!  find me on instagram @kari.husband or email me directly at