Liv & B You Manifesto! Liv & B

Liv & B You Manifesto!

My mission at Liv & B is to empower women to love and Be loved completely, selflessly, and with conviction.  As mothers, we dedicate ourselves to our children, and to the happiness of our families.  We are passionate in our careers and intensely focused on crafting powerful life stories filled with courage, bravery, adventure..., unbridled love.  My own mother was creative, devoted,  encouraging; unabashedly herself.  Even without make-up or fancy clothes, she was beautifully feminine, strong, independent, selfless, wise.  She leaned on her intuition and unconditionally used her heart, traits I have always aspired to emulate. Who do you look up to? What do you want to Liv and B? Liv inspired and B unapologetically original. Liv and B you.  


Take a look at our Manifesto, print it off and put it somewhere in your house and read it daily. Empower yourself, love yourself, and love yourself some more!


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Our Manifesto