My new favorite active wear! Liv & B

My new favorite active wear!

I was introduced to this great brand of clothing called Peach. Its the perfect combination of comfort and style. Its a beautiful quality product that will last the test of time. Amy Reed is the best consultant and I want to introduce you to her new company in a letter she wrote.

Introducing Peach!


I’m excited to be the first to bring Peach to Colorado!  What is Peach, you ask? Peach is a clothing startup of elevated athleisurewear designed by women and for women.

I first became aware of the brand when my long-time best friend introduced me to the clothing line.  I’d known Connie since 8thgrade, when I showed up to my English class to find a note written in the upper right corner of my desk, “who sits here 7thperiod?”  I decided to answer, and it led to a friendship that has spanned decades. Naturally, when she told me about this new athleisurewear clothing startup she was representing, I bought a few things to support her in her new venture. Soon, no one had to convince me, because I discovered that I love the clothes, and I found myself purchasing more and more Peach items!

What made me fall in love with Peach is the comfortable, versatile, on-trend nature of the line, and the fun new things they introduce seasonally. I naturally gravitate to soft knit fabrics, which is pretty much exclusively what Peach offers.  Then I started noticing the attention to detail, as well.  The labels are printed on the inside, so there’s never a label to poke you in the neck. Several of my tops have a slimming flat vertical seam down the back that adds a nice detail, but that I don’t feel at all when I lean back in my chair. I have tops that can be worn long and straight, or ruched on the sides.  I have jackets that can be work straight or they can be gathered in at the waist to whatever degree I desire.  The thoughtful details built into the clothes serve to add versatility of use, and also adjustability to achieve a good look for women of various shapes and sizes.

The Peach leggings I own look good enough to carry me from my workout right through my afternoon errands, possibly with the addition of a little jacket or sweatshirt. Then, if I’m lucky enough to have somewhere to go in the evening, I only need to change my shoes and jewelry (like one of my favorite Liv & B pieces!), and maybe add a flyaway cardigan to top it off!

I have several cute Peach joggers that are my go-to’s for looking good and being comfortable throughout my daily activities, whether that be watching my daughter play volleyball, chasing our new puppy, or for comfort when I travel.

Add to that, comfortable athletic bras with cute straps in back, and a variety of soft, comfortable undergarments.

After a couple years of finding myself constantly grabbing for my Peach items in the closet, I started seriously considering joining Peach as one of their stylists.  After all, who better to represent a product than someone who already loves and uses it nearly every day!

If what I’ve described sounds like something you might be interested in, then please check out the  link below and let me know if I can help you with anything!  Peach always does free and easy returns and exchanges, so you really have nothing to lose! Maybe you’ll even find that you love Peach as much as I do!  I’m also available to book a gathering at your house, if you’d like to host a girls’ night, etc. I’ll bring samples of many current items to show, and you will have a chance to earn yourself some free and discounted products! Contact me if you’d like to learn more about it!  303-807-6001

Thanks! Amy