Part 2 of my Leather Adventure Liv & B

Part 2 of my Leather Adventure

Captains Log:

Day 4 at the Alden’s School

Computer Bag progress 85%..



Maybe 3 cups of coffee is my magic number, although I am pretty sure I could push to 4.  It not only satisfies my soul it makes me very productive.  I always hold a high bar for myself and perhaps the coffee is the catalyst for it?  Either way I am going with it.


I entered the studio, once again with high hopes of timely finishing this computer bag.  I mean I have 2 more to bust out and only 2 days left!  My brain is always brimming with creative ideas for the business…, not sure if that is a gift or hinderance??


I was booking it at a pretty good click until I had to rip out a few stitches out last night.  I know it’s all in the learning process (trust me your bag will be kickass because I am working out EVERY kink in this studio).  I am so grateful I picked this bag first…


Lunch time rolls around and I am 96% there.


My friend, Kim, and I journey to an amazing lunch spot owned by an Amish family.  It is my 3rd trip here not only because the food rocks, but truth be told, there really aren’t too many other options in this town (none that my belly can endure anyway).  We opt for the drive through to save some time and when we pull up to place the orders, the guy politely says, “You aren’t from around here are you, I remember you the first 2 times.”  LOL.  Well the food was again, quite good, and the cookies were very memorable, and I don’t even like cookies.


2:30 pm

James Taylor Radio is softly playing in the background and I am thinking that Tim is a very old soul for being in his 30’s.


There is a serious happy dance and freak out session in my head.  Imagine the kind of happy you see on commercials where people win loads of money.  But my excitement has to stay contained because my energy of completing this bag might just scare my more subdued classmates.  This bag is kickass and turned out amazing!!  The sense of fulfillment is overwhelming…, my labor of love is complete.  Unfortunately, I am not selling this bag; it is my prototype, my baby and I can’t be bribed with coffee or chocolate.  Holy cow it only took me 4 days, lots of internal swearing, sweating and now tears of joy!


Bag #2


Surely the next bag would be a breeze.  It’s a classic redefined hobo bag.   The 2” thick detachable strap is adorned with killer jewelry (ok, hardware really) and is multi-functional.  I think Cindy and I nailed it!  I wanted to learn a few different techniques with this bag, like a magnetic closure and an internal zipper.  Zippers have always terrified me, but I looked at it in the “teeth” and totally crushed it.  I have to say that this bag was an absolute joy to create and construct; compared with 3 ½ days it took to knock out the computer bag, it was a breeze.  By 5:00 it was already 75% complete!  It was time to call it a day and enjoy some wine.  Peace out day 4, nailed it!



Captains log

Day 5

Valentine’s Day


The word “Lypophrenia” (n.) a vague feeling of sadness seemingly without cause.


I feel a bit sad to be quite honest.  I know that bag #2 will be complete and I am going to forge ahead and try for #3.  I came with the notion of doing 3 and damn it, it will be done!


12:00 lunch time and I am 98.5% done with Bag #2.  I am feeling pretty confident that Bag #3 will be easy and complete by COB…


A satisfied belly full of food and hope, I finished the hobo bag and onward to #3.  This one is a small cross-body bag that you can jam a lot of stuff into (my wallet, lipstick, car keys and an Iphone 8 Plus all fit comfy in here).  This sweet little bag is perfect for an evening out.  Classic redefined is this pattern, as well as a perfect go-to bag for every occasion.  I am going to be re-creating this protype in many colors!


5 p.m

Not complete, a real stumper, thought I was going to be done…It is COB and quitting time but luckily, Kim didn’t finish either and Tim (being a sweet guy) said we could stay later!  Hallelujah!  I have a few more parts to complete and although I know it won’t be done in an hour, Tim says we can come back in the morning.  


Kim and I headed out to a local hotspot to share a Valentine’s dinner together since we were husbandless.  We enjoyed each other’s company and people-watching at the bar.  We made a pact that we would sign up for another one of Tim’s courses in September – a technique course.  Stay tuned.  


Captains log:

Day 5 8:30am

88% done with Bag #3.


My plane leaves at 3:30 and that means I have just a few hours to complete Bag #3 to allow for plenty of time to get to the airport (2 ½ hour drive).  I am determined to finish this cute bag.  It will be a staple for the line.


10:45 boom, done, mic drop!  I cleaned up my space, said my goodbyes and took one last look at this little slice of heaven.  I am thrilled to be returning for Tim’s special “Techniques” courses in September.


I am airport bound on this last stretch of open road and it is “snaining” the whole way (snow-raining as my kids used to say). The Suburban “Beast” handles it well.


I am truly grateful for this adventure.  Being able to take the leap of faith to do something on my own, create something with my hands; self-reflection time for the future of the business.  It was the perfect recipe for the future of Liv & B.  Onward!

 Which one is your favorite?