The Deplorables Comedy tour Liv & B

The Deplorable’s Comedy tour

The Deplorable’s comedy tour, Make America Funny again!


Isn’t that what its all about? Our world seems to be too serious, rush to judgement and accuse and persecute before the real story unfolds. I feel pretty happy to be a part of this comedy tour in some little way. Keeping it light and not being so serious.


I got asked to design keychains, necklaces and leather bracelets. I love to create little wearable pieces of art that are very individual in their own way. NO two pieces are the same just like our opinions, thoughts and appearance. Each piece was hand crafted by me out of pure silver in my studio in the Denver, Colorado. I chose to use pure silver for its quality and strength and the created the aged copper for its hardiness.

I hope that you love the piece that you bought, and when you wear it, remember to not take life so serious!