Why do we have our Fearless line? Liv & B

Why do we have our Fearless line?

The fearless line was born out of a feeling that overcame me in 2020. I haven’t talked about it very much and no mass announcement to the world on social media. On Halloween of 2020 I got served with divorce papers. I had a feeling it was coming but had hoped that we could have worked it out for the kids. I felt like I got gut punched because it seemed so final. I didn’t fight it when he handed me the papers I just knew it would be for the better in the long run, especially because he had already given his heart to someone else. So I was left with an emotion I hadn’t felt in along time…fear. I always thought my future was secure, but no longer. It was now up to me to serve myself with my own happiness and security. Self love was my new goal to love myself and rid the fear of being alone, my kids emotional state, taking care of finances, day to day coping and so on. There were a lot of challenges and hurdles I had to face, I didn’t let it overtake me. I had a rebirth so to speak a phoenix rising from the ashes and learned to never give up, and have faith in god and his new plan for me. I was truly surrounded by the most amazing network of women I could have ever asked for. They were there to support me, let me cry, let me grow and guide me back to someone I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. I went back to my roots and made a new life. These past 2 years have made me feel stronger then ever before in my new path.
Fearless was the first new line I had created in a long time and it just felt right to me. What better medium to use then real bullets. I found a new love in shooting a gun. (NO, not people I promise! Just target practice) the shear force of it was empowering me take back what was mine. Myself.
Each bullet represents the power you can take back of piece that you lost of yourself to help feel strong again. Free yourself of fear and know we understand and have your back on the journey that you are on. Think of all the women that have gone through hard times and the feeling of fear and…survived. We have your back, your neck, your ears and your wrists.
This line is for every woman that has ever gone through fear and needs a reminder she is a badass. Because “behind every fearless woman is one hell of a story”.