Opal, Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Bar Cluster Necklace

“I Do”, 2 little words that have such an amazing feeling. You transform your single life and bond with another soul for the rest of your life. Its hope, its dreams, its everlasting love.  I do gives you the promise to one another of love, honor and respect. A partner in crime throughout the years.

Your wedding jewelry should reflect romantic everlasting love. The "I Do" Bar Cluster Necklace necklace was created for the bride who loves traditions and is nostalgic. In this necklace the gemstones of opal, pearl and Swarovski crystal have been intertwined together, like 2 hearts bonding in everlasting love. Wear this necklace and feel love that is exuding with joy and hope if the future. Pair it with the Gold Madeline earrings.

Liv & B Spirited.